Welcome to Hope For Chance!

Hope For Chance Inc. is an organization that was created to raise awareness for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), help pay for the services and burials/cremations of infants whose families would be unable to afford it, and to help fund research for the Syndrome.

Why Hope For Chance? Our goal is to give that hope to families everywhere. With awareness, there is a chance that families will know about SIDS and hope that by knowing more, they may never have to go through the loss and pain of losing an infant. For those who have lost the children, hope for a chance to give their angels a proper service, burial, or cremation, after this unexpected and unplanned death. We want to offer a hope that, with research, there will be answers one day and with that, a chance at life for those who are at risk!
Random Acts of Kindness - We support and encourage random acts of kindness or RAKs. Whether it be paying for a cup of coffee for another person, adding change to a bucket outside of a store, or just taking time for your family and doing something together. Our son Chance gave the ultimate RAK, which you can read on Chance's Story.
We have recently received our 501c3 non profit status from the IRS! You will soon be able to donate to Hope For Chance. At our run we profited over $1,500 to donate to Dr. Kinney's medical research team at the Boston Children's Hospital!