About Hope For Chance

When our first child, Chance, passed away in August 2013 my husband Kyle and I were left with many questions that we didn't have answers to. "What happened?" and "How do we afford a funeral?" 

It turned out that the second question had the simplest answer. Because we were both Active Duty Marines at the time, we had a life insurance policy through the Department of Defense that we were able to use. We quickly learned that not all families have this benefit and the death of a baby in pregnancy or infancy is not only heartbreaking but an incredible source of stress for the grieving family as they attempt to figure out final expenses.

Six months after Chance's death we learned that he had passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome also known as S.I.D.S. During the next few months we did everything we could to learn more about the causes of S.I.D.S. and what research was being conducted on the syndrome. It was during this time we realized how little is known about it and how many people have misinterpretations about the causes.

Thus, Hope For Chance began to take shape. We knew we wanted to be able to assist grieving families with the costs of final services, spread awareness about what S.I.D.S., and donate to research so that a cause and cure can be found. During the six years since we have attained our 501(c)3 status from the IRS, we have been able to help many families cover the costs of cremations, burials, and services, held awareness events to teach more people about S.I.D.S. and the safe sleep campaign, as well as donated to the Boston Children's Hospital S.I.D.S. Research Team. In more recent years, we have also branched out to occasionally offer families who have suffered from loss an Owlet Oxygen Rate and Heart Monitor to hopefully offer them peace of mind when expecting their Rainbow Baby.

Though our focus for research donations is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, when it comes to assisting families in need we offer help to those who suffer from losses during both pregnancy and infancy (younger than one year).              

Chance Moskiewicz
May 12, 2013 - August 7, 2013