We have an incredible group of people who have helped us make Hope for Chance Inc. a possibility. Without each and every one of these amazing people, we would not be where we are today. We look to be a chance to support a struggling family; we look for a chance to prevent SIDS from happening again. We want a chance to honor lives; we want a chance to hope. Together we can be Hope for Chance. You’ve all done more than we can imagine; we’re forever grateful. Thank you to all of our amazing angels.

Rainbow Angels

Natalie Eargle
Christina Courounis
Rachel Lee
Kay Glass
Jodi McGruder
Jonathon Frechette
Lynette Seifts
Alysha Mahaffey
Debbie-Lynn Hamm

Pink Angels

Tracy Kava
Rebecca Lauback
Sean & Heather Koch
Stephen Lauderdale
Shannon McNamara

Blue Angels

Beth Gifford
Judi Nowlin
Matt Lueninghoener
Brandyn Humberstone
Clayton Iiams
Howard Hruby
Autumn Scheer
Sara Williams

Silver Angels

Jeremiah & Renee Roe

Gold Angels

Devon Smith
Donna Rae Rhodes
Zach Knickerson
Sherri Soar

White Angels

Ariel Hessing
Kristen Stauffer
Payton Burkhart
Alisha Willenson
Joe & Melody Cozad
Doug & Betty Robson
Jerrod Zylka
Jon & Alisha Williams

Angel Businesses

Lion’s Roar Media