Chance Weston Douglas MoskiewiczChance was an unexpected blessing from the very beginning. I was deployed for one month when I found out that I was two months pregnant. In no time at all I was shipped back home and began preparing for our child. At our first ultrasound, we found out we were having a boy (he was never a shy baby, even from the very beginning).

My husband, Kyle and I decided our little man’s room had to be done in comic book super heroes, so in no time at all, the nursery was filled with posters, pictures, figurines, paintings, statues… pretty much anything we could find with a super hero logo on it.

My pregnancy was fairly normal, up until about twenty-five weeks when I began having spotting at night. We were sent up to labor and delivery several times, and I was told that it was possible that I had what is called a “partial rupture” of my placenta. I was pulled from work and placed on bed rest. After that, everything started flowing smoothly again. About 35 weeks I began having contractions and was given medicine to try to keep Chance in place and went in to my OBGYN twice a week for monitoring and ultrasounds. On May 11, we had my baby shower, which really wasn’t the typical one, just a barbeque with a bunch of friends. Around 4am on the 12 (Mother’s Day!) I woke up and realized my water had broken, IT WAS BABY TIME!

After 16 hours of labor, Chance Weston Douglas Moskiewicz made his way into the world at 8:03 p.m. His daddy, great-grandma Betty, Godmother, and Godfather were all there to hold my precious little miracle. He weighed 6 lbs and 2.6 oz and measured in at 20 in long. Unfortunately, we both were running a fever at the time of the birth due an infection in my uterus so we had to spend an extra day in the hospital. Everything ended up just fine and it turned out Chance was a healthy baby boy. Having him home was such a blessing, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect baby. Sure, the sleeping schedule was rough getting used to for the first week or so, but if you found it easy, kudos. I returned back to work after 45 days of leave (unfortunately the Marine Corps only gave my husband 10 days).

On a whim, I entered Chance into a pageant, and he seemed to do pretty well, so we entered him in others. Overall he won Diamond Angels Mini Grand Supreme, SEC State’s Division King, SEC State’s Most Cutiful Award, and A Bit of Class Prince.

His last pageant was SEC State. That day was just so perfect, and Chance won over so many hearts that day. He also won his first state title. I was so proud.

August 7 is a day that will forever be embedded into my mind. My husband woke up at 3 a.m. (when Chance usually woke up wanting to eat) and immediately knew something was wrong. Our precious little boy wasn’t breathing. We were on the phone with 911, while I began CPR. The paramedics arrived and took off with him, Kyle and I followed shortly after. It was the most nerve-wracking car ride of my life. When we got to the hospital, I could see it on the nurses’ faces. My baby was gone. Of course, they did everything they could do, but Chance had been taken from us. We got to hold him while the doctors explained to us that they had done an ultrasound of his heart and lungs and everything seemed perfect. They told us he passed from SIDS.

Now, everything we do with Hope For Chance, is in honor of him. We want to keep our baby boy’s memory alive by helping keep others’ babies alive.