After the surprise news that I was going to be a father to my first child, i was scared, nervous, and excited of the unknown and changes I would have to make to welcome my baby girl into the world. After discussion we decided her name would be Natalie Marie Smith. Since my fiance of 7 years was home because she was in college I didn’t get to see her for the first two months while she finished her semester. Finally when I came home she had her second appointment and we both got to hear our childs heartbeat for the first time. It was the most amazing thing to me, I cant explain the feeling of love, and harmony that I’m listening to the heartbeat of my baby. For weeks/months both rearranging our lives excitedly and anticipating the day we get to welcome our baby girl into the world… until one night. I was on a ship training for a deployment for two weeks. The day before we returned, I get the most horrifying news from our Sergeant Major. “Your Fiance has been in a car accident and shes okay but your daughter didn’t make it, Im sorry”. The most horrifying moment in my entire life. Our worlds destroyed in a second. The person who hit my Fiance on the highway managed to get away and the police never found him and have since closed their investigation. Not only did we loose our daughter but the person who caused our pain and horror for the rest of our lives will never be brought to justice. When I arrived home, I managed to make it before they induced her into labor and I got to meet my baby girl and hold her but never really got to meet her. Forever we will be haunted by this. Our Angel Baby Natalie Marie Smith.