Here you’ll find SIDS News as a part of our blog which is a small way to keep everyone informed and to raise awareness about SIDS/SUIDS. Here you’ll read stories in which people have provided or received a random act of kindness. You’ll read about how to prevent SIDS/SUIDS and steps you can take to help us raise awareness on the issue. We use this blog to tell your story, not just ours. It’s a community meant to strengthen those around us. Every post is made with the intention of fulfilling our mission to provide confidence to move onward, to move forward. We’re looking to heighten concern for this syndrome and look to find a cure, not just prevention. Please read each post with a full heart and an open mind and let yourself be convinced to help us increase the understanding of this affliction.

We plan on using any donations made to help fund research for SIDS by donating to researchers in different hospitals that continue on the fight against this syndrome. We also want to use the funds to help parents pay for services and funerals/burials that otherwise would not have the capability to do so. Together we can be Hope for Chance.